Wednesday, April 6, 2011

2011-2012 ALAP Executive Board Inducted

(Photo taken from ALAP Notes March2011 issue) (L-R) Connie Saul,
Nimphas Javier, Lina Copioso, Lorenza Oliveroz, Imelda Veluz,
Elaine Joshi, Fe Gacayan, Andriette Valdez and Mila Ramos.

The newly-elected officers of ALAP took their
oath before Hon. Mila M. Ramos, PRC Board for
Librarians, March 4, 2011 at the UPLB Main Library
are as follows:
President : Andriette S. Valdez, UPLB, CFNR
Vice President : Fe A. Gacayan, NVSU
Secretary: Editha A. Mallion (Appointed)
replacing Lorenza Oliveroz who
resigned effective March 11, 2011
Treasurer: Lina C. Copioso, CEAT, UPLB
Auditor: Imelda B. Veluz, PHTRC, UPLB
PRO: Nimphas E. Javier, CavSU
Board Member: Elaine E. Joshi, PhilRice
Board Member: Gloria V. FandiƱo, CEM, UPLB
Ex-Officio: Concepcion DL Saul, UPLB Library

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